Membership expectations


VETERANS OF CANADA-USA – We are a motorcycle club (MC). We are not a 1% or outlaw club. Anyone considering membership with VETERANS OF CANADA-USA needs to thoroughly understand this fact.

To belong to VETERANS OF CANADA-USA it requires strength of character, courage, resolve, tenacity, integrity, and an overall ability and willingness to stand in defense of our club, club colors, club members, as well as, our mission in defending the GREATER LOVE OF FOUR (GOD, CONSTITUTION, COUNTRIES AND OUR NATIONS).

We are looking for loyal members who strictly stand their ground in defending our club, our colors and the greater love of four, and to be actively involved in making a positive difference in our countries via the MC participation.

We ask this of everyone who is considering Membership in VETERANS OF CANADA-USA. Membership is strictly voluntary, but to volunteer is to patch-up as a non-veteran, VETERANS OF CANADA-USA agree to abide by, uphold, defend and support the VETERANS OF CANADA-USA Club Constitution and Bylaws, Regulations, Headquarters Directives and all that we stand for to include all things mentioned above.

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