Duties and Laws

  1. Members will above all, uphold the basic club principles of honor, truth, respect, support, loyalty, and commitment.
  2. When representing the club in or away from our community, all members will conduct themselves with the highest regard of the club principles. The MC must not be tarnished by unrestrained behavior, disrespect of fellow citizens, or acts that generally reflect poorly on the MC image and reputation.
  3. Members will not endanger the MC or any member by an illegal act or acts.
  4. Each member is responsible to identify and correct any condition that threatens the welfare of club members or the general public. Any willful act of unsafe riding witnessed by a MC member(s) could result in denial of membership. Members may plead their case at the next meeting.
  5. Activities will be conducted to encourage participation by all MC members and no laws will be enacted which favor or separate members by the type of motorcycle they ride.
  6. No member will ride under an impaired physical/mental condition. Every member will always try to prevent another member from riding in an impaired condition.
  7. No member will engage in the possession, use or sale of any illegal drug or misuse of any legal drug while participating as a member of VETERANS OF CANADA-USA.